Panda Print – Women’s PJ Set


  • Long sleeve, crew neck top 
  • Top 100% cotton
  • Bottom 100% cotton
  • Machine Wash and Tumble Dry Low
  • Made in Turkey
  • Free Gift Wrap with all orders


Pandas are among the cutest animals in the world and now they will be your best sleep friend. Panda pajamas are one of women’s and kid’s favorite product , shop now!

Panda pajamas for mom &kids are just a bundle of cuteness, everything about Panda is cute. The dark wide set eyes, the fluffy ears, the big round face, and innocent expression, the round cuddly body, the cute paws, and the way they bumble around without a care.

Mood Pajamas offer panda pajamas with the right fit and cozy 100% Turkish cotton fabric.

Cotton grown in Turkey has long, smooth fibers that become very strong once spun but don’t pack in too tightly or distort when woven, leading world as one of the best cotton producers.

Kids love our cute and colorful designs. They may not want to get out of this panda pajama set.

We offer matching Panda print pajama sets for women, too.(can buy seperately)

Enjoy your Panda Pajama Set and please do not forget to check Mood Pajama’s panda printed robe to have a matching set.

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